Covid Rules relaxed


Covid Rules Relaxed                          



From Saturday May 14th there will no longer be the option to take a preferred lie in bunkers as was allowed under temporary Covid rules.  In fact the club will return to pre-pandemic conditions with respect to competitions.

This means that the option to sign in and enter scores can still be employed using the Howdidido app or by the use of the touchscreen.  Failure to sign in and enter scores electronically may result in disqualification.  A scorecard must still be completed and handed in as required within the rules of golf.  As previously, scorecards should now be exchanged on the 1st tee.  This means the card must contain as a minimum, the player’s name, marker’s signature, player’s signature and the player’s course handicap.  We have been lenient in recent times with respect to scorecard controls but from this Saturday we will return to strict adherence to the rules.  If a player has a no return (NR), a card should still be returned signed and the scores for the holes completed entered electronically.  A record of members failing to return cards will be kept and persistent offenders will be suspended from competition play for period.

The next batch of score cards we will receive from the printer will have boxes where the competitor can add his/her handicap index, course handicap and playing handicap if he/she so wishes, however it is only mandatory to record your course handicap on the card along with your score on each hole and the signatures as noted earlier.


Any questions – get in touch….

David MacFarlane 

Match Committee  mobile:07776141464