Captain & golf course update

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Captain’s Message


Dear Members

I appreciate the support you have given to our Golf Club during what has been an exceedingly difficult golfing season due to the restrictions caused by the Covid 19.

I pass my thanks to Sam our pro who has had to work extremely hard ensuring we obeyed rules.   He took on board all the challenges around the booking system changes required to accommodate all the members attempting to get a playing slot.     We were forced to control the amount of play that was permittable on a day to day basis to allow access to the course for the high numbers wishing to play.    David MacFarlane assisted Sam with this process and has provided the back up required for the recording of information which requires to be saved for our safety records should any Covid 19 cases occur.  Thank you both.

I welcome the members who have chosen to join Colville Park Golf Club this year and hope I can perhaps introduce myself at some point in the future.

Can all members please remember you must have a booking in place before you turn up to play and remember you cannot cut in or join members already playing.   This is a Scottish Golf instruction.   The other which remains in place is that FLAG STICKS have not to be removed you must putt with them in the hole.

Our Annual Prize Giving events for this year have been cancelled due to Covid restrictions.    Our lucky prize winners will still have their names engraved on the Trophy allocated for the Competition and Vouchers will be issued and made available for collection from the Pro Shop in the future.   Winners will be advised when they are issued.

Golf Course works update- 2020 has been a challenging year for our golf course, while working through lockdown with our head green keeper William  Welsh working alone for 3 months. On return to golf we lost a more experienced member of our team through ill health and recruited 2 new green staff. Unfortunately the bedding in process of the staff has taken longer than expected, combined with a terribly wet August and start of September. The greens suffered terribly during this period and required immediate work done.

The worst of the greens were verti drained to a nine inch depth a number of times to help disperse excess water, but unfortunately this did not completely solve the problems. The bad greens were cored and top dressed immediately to help save the rest of the season. Although it’s not pleasing on the eye. Coring and top dressing is a crucial integral part of every courses maintenance.

The greens should heal up within a 3 week period at this time of the year, this work will continue throughout the winter when the weather permits.  The surrounds of the greens will be white lined off in the winter to try and preserve and re-ignite the burnt areas from the 2019 early season drought.

The board of directors will be planning a winter & early season programme, which will be readily available to see on the website & in the professional shop. During 2021 a plan will be put in place on lifting and replacing the worst greens. Hopefully by then we will have a new Greens convenor in place.

The club have advertised for a new greens convenor on 2 occasions, unfortunately to no avail, which is restricting planning and communication between green staff and course set up. Sam has been assisting, but unfortunately does not have the time available to fully commit to the role full time.

A member’s divot day has been planned on Wednesday 7th October at 09.30am. Please indicate in the professional shop if you can assist.