Important Golf Rule changes updated 19/8

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Dear Members,

The decision of the Board to suspend play of Fourballs after 5pm on weekdays was in response to the age old issue of ‘slow play’ and in particular to a number of complaints from members regarding slow play particularly in the evenings. As you will appreciate this period of the day is always popular with members wanting a game of golf after finishing a hard day at work. However, unfortunately the number of games able to complete a full round at this time of day is constrained by the number of hours of daylight left. In order to maximise the number of golfers who get the opportunity to play a full round and for the other players the number of holes they can get in the board sought to introduce a format which has proved to be the best balance between numbers of golfers able to play and the speed of play itself.

Since the introduction of this initiative the Board have received a number of objections from members regarding this new rule. In view of the strong opinion of the membership the Board have decided to re-introduce the right to play Fourballs on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening after 5pm, however, remain committed to serving all our members by still offering a Speedy Golf day on a Wednesday for members who have less free time available. As such all games on a Wednesday will still be limited to a maximum of Threeballs with a view to maintaining a healthy pace of play.


We would ask all members to please be considerate of others by keeping up your pace of play so everyone can enjoy their golf and get as many holes of golf in as possible. As the saying goes ‘keep up with the game ahead, not just in front of the game behind’. For those members who have complained of slow play please be assured the Board will be monitoring the speed of play carefully and will not hesitate to take further action where necessary.

Thank you for your continued support. Tuesday senior competitions will return to last season’s rules immediately, with 4 balls permitted.

The Board.


As Colville Park moves forward in being successful a vacancy is has become available for a greens convenor.

The successful applicant will.

Set course standards for Greens Staff

Help with financial planning for the course

Assist with course improvements

To apply please e- mail your details and reasons for applying to no later than 28/08/2020


Golf Fees For 2021 season

CAT 1 £599

CAT 2 £529

Midweek £479

CAT 3 £399

CAT 4 £203

CAT 5 18-23 £250

CAT 5 24 £350

CAT 5 25 £450


CAT 7 14 & OVER £50

Please note all golf fees for 2021 season do not include any Loyalty card payments.

Any member wishing to upgrade category must do so via the office by no later than 31st August 2020 this can be done by e- mail

Standing order payers will note that your monthly payments do not reflect the new fee structure any monies owed will be refunded on 1st April 2021 please do not amend or cancel your standing order .

Due to Covid disruption all members will have an extension on using their loyalty card money till March end 2021.