​​​​​​​Captains update on Covid 19 rules at Colville Park

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Captains update on Covid 19 rules at Colville Park


With effect from Monday 20 July you can enjoy more golf.

Thank you for accepting all the conditions which the Match Committee has put in place to allow our competitions to take place and general golf rounds to be played.

Golf is permitted in relation to what your category allows. The only stipulation being,  you can only play one round of golf per day .please be aware should this system prove not to be working restrictions will be re-introduced.  

 You must cancel if you find you are unavailable to utilise your booking.  Failure to cancel will result in a booking ban!

Prior booking is mandatory strictly no turn up and play allowed.    All play must commence from the first tee after checking in at pro shop.

Competition results at this time may take longer than normal due to processing rules that must be adhered to.

Please continue to book the practice area through the professional shop.

Bar hours are reduced at this difficult time, please contact 07977939378 in event of an emergency.

Slow play should be avoided wherever possible.

Stay Safe.   Social distancing still applies.