Competition Update

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Competition Golf during the Corona Virus Pandemic.

We are currently in very hard times and probably harder times to come in the next few months.  The risks of transmitting the virus, considering the current advice, can be mitigated by our behaviour.  We know we must wash our hands thoroughly and regularly, cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of an arm and try to maintain a safe distance from others in public spaces.  The advice is that golf is good for us provided we keep our distance.

Can we apply this advice while running a golf competition so as not to increase risk of infection?

Of course if you are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, do not attend.

Competition times will be spread 10 minutes apart to minimise numbers in and around the 1st tee. 

Do not touch the flagstick unless with a gloved hand

Do not use rakes unless with a gloved hand, bunkers can be smoothed using a club or your foot.

Do not touch anyone else’s golf ball.

Sanitise or wash hands after handling other players scorecards.

Arrangements will be made to limit the need to use touchscreen equipment.

While on the course keep at least 2m away from fellow competitors.

Do not shake hands with other golfers during this pandemic.

After the round and after swapping cards, again good hygiene is required..wash or sanitise hands.


We are looking at playing formats which result in large groups gathering or where the same golf ball is likely to be handled by multiple players.  As a result, the opening shotgun event is cancelled and we will consider the fate of the matchplay foursomes over the coming weeks. Saturday 4th Apil competition with open for online booking will open at 1pm on Sunday 22nd March. NO CLUBHOUSE BOOKING UNTIL; FURTHER NOTICE.