Rules Update & 4 Balls permitted

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Scottish Golf has now given the go ahead for 4Ball play and we have met today to discuss this and review, in some detail, the current restrictions in place. Based on our discussions, observations, feedback from members and shared information from other clubs locally, we have decided to implement a few changes.

  • From Monday July 13th 4Balls will be allowed (non-competitive golf only, not in any competitions)
  • From Wednesday July 15th at 6pm booking for 7 days in advance will be allowed.
  • Max games per week remains at 3 but the Saturday (or 1 Sunday) competitions will not be included in that count. Twilight golf is still available.


We have decided to keep the tee time intervals at 8 minutes but will monitor closely the impact of the above changes on pace of play etc. As 4balls are allowed in “bounce” games only, please keep games moving by using ready golf and not spending unnecessary time looking for balls etc. Please make sure you keep up with the game in front.

We have recorded several instances of members misusing the booking system since we introduced playing restrictions and we will be closely monitoring bookings going forward. Members should not book more times than their membership restriction allows at any one time during a playing week. Bookings made above these limits will be removed and offending members (repeat offenders) will forfeit playing rights. For booking in advance, slot 1 still exercises control over slots 2 to 4. Excluding bookings for Saturday competitions, when members may put their name in any slot as playing times will be allocated subject to a draw made by the Match and Handicap committee. For the avoidance of doubt the playing week is Monday to Sunday inclusive.

We expect there will be instances when members try to book a time but the software will allocate them slots 2, 3 or 4 when they have tried for slot 1. In these cases the member is expected to remove his/her name unless the slot 1 player confirms it can stay. If members do not remove names in these circumstances, the committee will do so. As of Wednesday Player 1 may now add their playing partners’ names into slots, 2, 3 & 4. (This will not be allowed for Saturday competitions).

As the tee time allocation continues to see unprecedented demand and remains full 7 days a week the committee have decided to continue to limit members to 3 prime time games per week to ensure all our members get their fair share of golf each week. Starting this week, however, the Saturday medal will not count towards this 3 game limit as we start to try and unlock playing restrictions. To accommodate those who wish to play more than the 3 games a week we would remind members that twilight golf (subject to your membership category restrictions) was introduced and remains in place. We appreciate some of you may not wish to play this late in the day but it is a fair way to allow members as much golf as they wish whilst making sure everyone gets a game each week.

The committee will continue to meet regularly to review these changes and to look at any further relaxation of current restrictions. Thank you for your patience and continued support.


Match Committee

12th July 2020